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On The Way Of Success Istanbul Event 2019

Mohab Ayoub

Mohab Ayoub recently traveled to Istanbul to take part in a seminar in order to discuss the lessons he's learned while working on the "Together" initiative, which aims to foster a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in Jordan.During the event he held a speech, and shared his experience while launching the Jordan initiatives in On the way to Success Event. He said “The education and knowledge gained in a classroom setting are no longer sufficient for comprehending today's economy. It's common for people to undervalue the significance of having good social skills. The interpersonal skills that are most valued in today's society are those that pertain to communication, perseverance, drive, adaptability, and trust.”He underlined the fact that the way to success is tough, and even those who are making headway can experience a dip in morale and motivation when they are presented with obstacles. Discovering inspiration in a person who holds a position of authority can serve as a potent impetus to get things done. They could benefit from taking advantage of this opportunity since it provides them with a forum in which to discuss their thoughts with other young people who have similar perspectives and solicit support for the subjects they care about.Later on, he added “It is never an easy task to accomplish things. There are going to be a lot of individuals who question your capabilities and tell you that you can't be successful. To achieve your objectives, all that is required of you is to keep moving forward, even when it seems as though your foot is stuck to a stone. There are far too many people who pass away before they can realize their ambitions. If you grasp the opportunity to live out your aspirations with all of your heart, you will have a much better chance of leading a happy and peaceful life. Every idea and every goal is extremely important, despite the fact that we are not going to pretend that this is an easy task. Contravene the norm and keep asking questions!”Mohab Ayoub is a brilliant mind whose ideas and actions made a name for him across the Middle East and beyond. His motivational and successful life videos go viral, making him a leader who inspires a new generation.A man of remarkable bravery and fortitude, he took the leap of faith necessary to realize his lifelong passion.He is CEO of Algedra Design, and the interior design firm Algedra is making waves with its recent expansion to four major cities: Dubai, Istanbul, London, and New York. In a labor of love, the company gives its clients a variety of interior design options, from which they can choose; it also designs an eclectic interior for each client and implements a flexible transformation project that adapts to the needs of its clients.

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