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Mohab Ayoub Launches Fim Investment Company

Mohab Ayoub

Mohab Ayoub is pleased to announce the launch of the FIM Investment Company.The objective of the indexed large cap fund is to provide investors with exposure to the various market segments through a weighting system that is consistent across all market sectors by providing investment results that closely track the performance, before fees and expenses, and it must do so using a weighting system that is consistent across all market sectors.The FIM Investment Company saw a new opportunity to form a fund around the market segments specifically due to the nature of how companies in these market segments are often treated. We believe the vice industry exhibits defensive characteristics (people often continue to do bad things regardless of economic conditions), yet are often "shunned," and underinvested segments of the market which has a history of being underinvested.The Company's primary objective is to differentiate ourselves from the majority of other organizations that handle funds in a distinctive way. It is our opinion that we do not think or dress in the conventional manner of a "suit," but that we are completely capable of using our experience and insights to give investment solutions that have been built deliberately.The FIM Investment Company is open to new ideas for creating a product that serves a large number of markets and offers substantial growth over the long term for investors. “When it comes to investing, "many first-time or individual investors may have a misunderstanding and a 'to the moon' mindset, and as interesting as that might seem so, we think could perhaps concentrate on long-term investing and sustainable parts of the market that have heretofore proven to be financially viable and managed to overcome multiple economic cycles," says Mohab Ayoud.

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