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Launching Meat Moot Restaurant Chain In Uae

Mohab Ayoub

After a grand opening ceremony on 22nd May 2022 at their City Walk location, Meat Moot, a real smoked meat restaurant, opened for business in Dubai, UAE. This grand launch is in accordance with the restaurant's expansion strategy, as fresh openings are already in the works to penetrate further markets.Meat Moot, founded in 2021, opened its first location in a 138-year-old landmark in Istanbul, Turkey. The restaurant's popularity on both the local and international markets was fueled by its combination of an iconic setting and delicious meals.Meat Moot is currently operational in Turkey, Egypt, the UAE, Jordan, and Kuwait. After successful operations in Turkey and a stunning expansion to new markets, it is planned to create more branches around the world, particularly in the MENA region.Meat Moot is in the process of becoming an international restaurant franchise. Given that Meat Moot began operations less than a year ago, when the globe was reeling from the tragedy of a global pandemic, its achievement is absolutely astonishing.Regarding the big inauguration in Dubai, celebrities and stars attended the event, which garnered excellent media attention. Thus signaling the beginning of a fantastic contribution to Dubai's expanding cuisine scene. Yara, Melhem Zain, Ayman Reda, Khaled Al Keesh, Walid Toufic, Zain Karazon, Haya Karazon, and Abdullah Balkhair were among the most important individuals in attendance during the opening.The restaurant is located in City Walk, quite close to Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building. The interior and exterior design of Meat Moot restaurant incorporates elements of innovation, modernism, comfort, and beauty, blending the old with the new to present customers with an unparalleled experience.Meat Moot is appropriate for the multiethnic market of Dubai due to its extensive meat range. Meat Moot will be one of the City Walk's must-visit destinations due to the restaurant's commitment to serving only the finest cuisine.Meat Moot, which specializes in smoked meat, will encounter stiff competition in the Dubai market due to the abundance of customer options. After Meat Moot's opening, there is no doubt that Dubai's gourmands will be in for a treat.

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