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Mohab Ayoub Launches Fan Al Tagheer Show

Mohab Ayoub

The Chief Executive Officer of the Algedra Group has introduced a brand new show called Fan Al Tagheer with the intention of providing an alternative viewpoint on a certain topic in order to enlighten and broaden your mind. Launch of the show marks the beginning of a new era in which people will take a serious interest in the spiritual world and learn about many aspects of change to drive you to find a better version of yourself with a sincere attitude of Mohab Ayoub.The first episode discusses how one's conduct alters throughout Ramadan, and Mohab Ayoub tests one's ability to deal with the challenges, problems, and difficulties of everyday life.Mr. Mohab says, “We are the ones who have the ability to change, but we need some encouragement, so let's learn from the month of goodness and change for the better in everything,” and continues to ask “My loved ones, what did you change from your habits in Ramadan, and what do you think that we usually take change? And who is the anguish of the world if he doesn't drink coffee in the morning.”The subject of the second episode is commitment, which, in Mohab Ayoub's opinion, can be defined as the art of showing due regard for one's own time, the circumstances of one's life, and one's own destined path. One of the seventy doors that lead to success is the door labeled "commitment." There is not a single one that can be entered without first passing past the barrier of commitment.Visit Mohab Ayoub's Youtube Channel in order to view the show there.

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