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Launching The Interior Design Show By Mohab Ayoub

Mohab Ayoub

Mohab Ayoub launches the Interior Design Show. The show is the perfect way to indulge your inner design guru.Mr. Mohab will give you insights to dive into the world of interior design, and his experience on dealing with clients, obstacles that may occur through the implementation process, and so on.Mohab Ayoub says “You need to have a clear picture of your ideal client and what they're looking for in order to land the gig. Many designers erroneously believe their target audience is everyone.If you don't want to come across as a desperate startup, figure out who you want to collaborate with first.”He continues “Without a coherent strategy and firm policies, people will take advantage of you. People will be clamoring for you to lower your prices. People will expect you to provide individualized assistance for the cost of a consultation. Just don't. Select your preferred working partners in advance.”This show is everything you are looking for to be aware of the market, and make your decision with a clear perspective to gain the trust of clients to go through successful design, implementation.Show will be on air soon. Follow Mohab Ayoub Youtube account to be the first one who watches the show!

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