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Launcing Jordan Initiative To Support Sme's Companies And Projects

Mohab Ayoub

Mohab Ayoub, CEO of Algedra Group, made the announcement during a press conference at the Movenpick Hotel in Amman, quoting His Royal Highness Prince Hussein Bin Abdullah, Crown Prince of Jordan: "We are all entrusted with this country, and we all have to assist in building it."Young entrepreneurs were encouraged to discuss their ideas for businesses and find collaborators to help them develop. In addition, it prompted them to look at collaboration prospects based on the project's premise, increasing the odds of success for the endeavor.Launched with a national knowledge goal in mind, this program provides resources and assistance to entrepreneurs and their ground-breaking ideas in the hopes that they may one day help Jordan's economy grow and flourish. There are multiple phases to the program, the first of which is open submission.Architecture, the arts, agriculture, autos, IT, real estate, design, beauty, medicine, education, and many more industries can submit their ideas to be among selected projects. Then, the initiatives that have been chosen continue on to the second stage, where they undergo further scrutiny, appraisal, and ultimately selection for future development and possible partnership.There are brilliant people out there who have new and exciting ideas but not the background to implement them successfully on their own. With this goal in mind, I've launched this project to help and encourage young people who have demonstrated exceptional abilities. Being of Jordanian descent, I feel a responsibility to aid in my home country's economic growth through supporting budding entrepreneurs. The capital investment was accompanied by strategic direction.There is always an element of risk in business. However, having a moral and financial supporter and an experienced partner on your way to success is fantastic luck, as it allows you to minimize risks and avoid mistakes that occur due to lack of information or lack of expertise in a given profession.Sharing your project idea with a skilled person might provide a new perspective and steer you in the right direction,” says Mohab Ayoub. After a preliminary exam, twenty-nine individuals were selected to present their project ideas during the interview for the second stage, and from there, ten competitors with the most novel and ground-breaking suggestions would advance to the final stage of the ongoing partnership and have their work brought to life.Participants will learn how to assess a concept, how to use basic financial tools, how to create a business plan, and how to handle any obstacles. Mohab Ayoub states that the program's goal is to improve young people's access to resources like money and education, bolster the Jordanian economy, and encourage young people in the region to follow their passions by demonstrating that "if there is a will, there is always a way."

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