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Algedra's Ceo Attended The Review Session Of Graduation Projects In Ajman University

Mohab Ayoub

The administration of Ajman University extended an invitation to Mr. Mohab Ayoub, CEO of Algedra, to attend the review session where interior design students presented their graduation projects. Additionally, Mr. Mohab holds a permanent seat on the advisory council for Ajman University.He is a dedicated leader who has a strong desire to improve the lot of those around him, and help them to create new opportunities to vibrate with the same wavelength that world pushes you to be.The day in Ajman started off with a vibrant academic procession that represented Ajman's civic, student, and academic life, and continued to gather with academic personnels, along with students to welcome Mr. Mohab."I am honored by the administrative committee's invitation to the graduation project review session, and it is a pleasure to be here. There is a wealth of talent in the United Arab Emirates, I must admit after reviewing the projects that the interior design students presented. "I wish them great success in their future careers and extend my heartfelt congratulations to them."He stated that “It is of utmost importance that paving the way for the youth is our responsibility, and has a huge impact to perceive a future for the new generation to hold the grant of a career path to move forward.”As a company that attaches importance to youth employment, Algedra offers employment and development opportunities for new graduates under Algedra Group.

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