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Why Creativity Matters In Business Life

Are you creative in your work or have expectancy for inspiration to be succeeded? Explore ways to make a difference and inspire with your creativity in business.

Creativity is paramount for success in business, which the creative idea makes your work considerable and far-reaching as well as trouble-free, but you can't always have expectation to be ambushing inspiration to get the job done.

While you may experience a writer crash, you ought to try different steps to improve your thinking and abilities by taking an experimental attitude, which creativity and taking risks are among the examples of successful entrepreneurship.

Re-create your business to act in line with new business ideas by connecting with existing concepts within creativity!

Creativity is the value of product

Creativity is the process of revealing a product that expresses a value, although it can be seen as a personality trait, behavior or result. What is meant by the concept of value here is the usefulness, utility, importance, uniqueness or to what extent the product is desirable. In order for a product to be considered creative, it must meet 3 basic criteria such as innovation, effectiveness (rewarding on the basis of individual, group or society) and originality.

However, in addition to these factors, it is seen that the personality traits of the individual have an important effect on the ability to use their creative potential and the development of creativity.

In many studies, creative individuals (employees) have independence in decisions, desire to be dominant, low level of anxiety, emotional or aesthetic sensitivity, cheerfulness, self-confidence and respect, openness to new experiences, determination, wide interests which was observed that they have personality traits such as tolerance to uncertainty, assertiveness, less obedience to authority, high motivation and discipline.

Creative individuals have wide interests and high energy, they show autonomy and independence, they are intuitive in a way that they also show consensus and self-control in their decisions.

Individuals with a high level of creativity can re-define problems, try to persuade others to accept these ideas instead of waiting for them to conform, and take risks.

In what situations is creativity increased or inhibited?

The existence of supportive colleagues, the availability of sufficient time and resources to perform the work, the support of originality as a product of corporate culture, the existence of norms that reward creativity and that mistakes are not inevitable, positive feedback to the employee, participatory-democratic leadership style, providing the employee with autonomy and decision...

Employees' creativity is seen to be enhanced by a rigid-non-traditional organizational structure, an organizational climate that supports risk-taking and tolerance to discussions, and an organizational culture open to non-traditional ways of thinking and not strictly adhering to rules.

Apart from these factors that enable the employee to use creativity potential or lead to creative thinking, negative feedback, time pressure or insufficient time, close supervision, competition and unrealistic expectations, stress, fear, habits, lack of interest and motivation, lack of strict priorities, excessive discipline, lack of knowledge, work-private life conflicts, which is observed that factors such as past failures, fear of criticism, “us” and “them” attitudes, standards and fear of failure inhibit the development of creativity...

When considered on an individual or team basis, it can be said that the intense time pressure will hinder creativity because it evokes the thought that the first solution is the best option.

How to increase the creativity of the employees?

In the light of what has been conveyed so far, it can be said that individuals cannot be taught to be creative in both daily and business life, but by providing an environment where they can use their creativity potentials and some practices aimed at increasing motivation, they can boost their creativity, on the other hand, it is observed that the techniques briefly described below are useful and functional in enhancing the creativity of the employees.

1. Brainstorming

Brainstorming consists of a group of employees. The group has a leader and the leader determines which problem to seek solutions.

Group members say their thoughts "as they come to mind". No thought is criticized, nor is it true or false.

All members are encouraged to voice their opinions.

Each solution proposal is discussed and voted one by one based on criteria such as whether it is meaningful, easy to apply, simple or complex, and a solution is obtained at the end of this process.

2. Nominal Group Technique

In this technique, each employee communicates their solution suggestions in writing to the leader before coming together as a group.

When they come together, the leader writes all the suggestions on a board or flip chart.

The proposals are opened for discussion and voting begins. Each suggestion is voted on, so some suggestions are eliminated.

The remaining suggestions are discussed again and now a second vote is held in order to determine the proposal to be submitted to the senior management.

3. Delphi Technique

Delphi technique does not require members to communicate face to face.

Each group member conveys his/her solution proposal to the leader independently and unaware of each other.

The leader reviews all suggestions, comments and sends them to all members. Thus, each member gets the chance to see the solution suggestions of other members and if he/she has a positive or negative opinion about the suggestions, he/she communicates to the leader.

These stages continue until there is a proposal that all group members agree on. If necessary, it is tried to reach a result by voting the suggestions. It can be said that technological innovations will make it easier to use this technique.

Not to spoil creativity, you must have determination and perseverance that can be putting puzzles together into a conceptual variant at the beginning of thought.

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