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Ways To Get Rid Of Procrastination

You have a job to do and your deadline is getting closer… However, instead of working, you find various activities to distract yourself, wasting time by checking your emails, watching videos, browsing blogs and forums.

I guess we've all put off our work at some point in our lives. It must be a situation we are all familiar with, spending our spare time on trivial things and delaying what we need to do until the last minute. Frankly, there are those who have made procrastination a lifestyle. Delaying, procrastinating, slacking off, running away from work... What we need to realize is that procrastination, however harmless it may seem, is a very bad habit that consumes us inside and limits our potential.

1- Divide your work into small parts

One of the most important reasons why we postpone our work is that we think that there is a lot to be done in our subconscious and that we cannot handle it. Divide what you need to do into small parts and focus on one part at a time. If you're still procrastinating, break it into even smaller chunks this time. After a while, what you have to do will become so easy: “It's just a five-minute job for me.” You will start to say!

2- Redesign your environment

Have you noticed that where you work has a huge impact on you? Take a look at your desk and room, do you feel like sleeping or working? If your preference is for the former, you need to change your working environment. Another point you should pay attention to is the possibility that a decoration that previously inspired you will lose its effect over time. If this is happening to you, it's time to change something.

3- Create a detailed timeline for yourself

It's easy to procrastinate when you have a deadline to complete all the work. But what if there are multiple dates? You know how we said divide your project into parts… Hah, set a date for those parts now. This way you will have a date by which you must complete each step. You can also be cruel to yourself, of course, notes such as "if you don't do this today, you will ruin everything" can help you move more than you think.

I plan my own life with to-do lists that I create by dividing it into months, weeks, or even days. In this way, I know what I need to complete and when I reach my goals more easily.

4- Get rid of the factors that push you to procrastinate

If procrastinating until the last minute is something you always do, maybe it's because you made procrastination so easy. Identify the addresses or games where you spend the most time on the Internet and make them harder to find. Turn off your mail notifications. If there are distractions around you, get rid of them.

5- Hang out with people who inspire you

I'm sure that ten minutes with entrepreneurs like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs will motivate you to take action more than anything else in your life. Studies show that; We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. If you spend time with 5 rich people, you will be the 6th. If you spend time with 5 successful entrepreneurs, you will be the 6th.

Identify people who motivate you. Try to spend more time with them. Over time, you will feel their energies infect you. You don't need to meet face-to-face with such people. You can read their blogs and mail them. It's a form of communication, too, and it sure works.

6- Have an accomplice

Rest assured, having a partner makes everything more fun. In fact, it wouldn't be bad if your accomplice had their own goals, so you could hold each other accountable for your goals and plans. It's not necessary that both of you try to achieve the same goal, but it won't taste good anyway. Also, you get the chance to learn from each other. We call each other regularly with one of my close friends and check how we are about our goals and process. Needless to say, this gives us great motivation.

7- Tell others about your goals

Actually, this works in the same logic as the previous item, just on a slightly larger scale. Tell all your friends, acquaintances, family and coworkers what you want to do. Now every time they see you, they will ask you how you are doing or if you are making progress. For example, I always share my plans on my blog, and social media accounts. My readers also constantly ask me questions about my plans. I think it's a great way to remind myself what to do!

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