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The Importance Of Personal Development In Business Life

What is Personal Development?

When it comes to development, the first thing that comes to mind is the stages that a person goes through in the process from birth to death. Processes such as intelligence development, biological development, career development, advancement and maturation can be given as examples. Along with the learning process and life of the person, the development process continues to progress. When we look at the historical change process of the concept of personal development in general, it is understood that it actually existed from the moment people draw breath.

The fact that people begin to encounter complex processes throughout their lives has revealed the necessity of realising their own selves. People who understand the importance of focusing on themselves have learned to deal with difficult situations and have started to act in the direction of their development. The increase in the number of conscious people and the work in the field of personal development contributed to the strengthening of this subject.

How to Personal Development?

In order for people to be successful and happy in their business and social lives, they need to give importance to their personal development. So how is this development achieved, what are the phases of it?

Know Yourself:

Human beings must first know themselves in order to improve. If you don't know where you are, you will never find the way to your destination. Being aware of where you are in society or in your own self creates an equal result with finding a valuable item that you have lost. A person starts to develop himself from a certain point and the more he learns in this process, the more he has developed himself. Making a personal assessment, including the values, goals, objectives, strengths and weaknesses of the individual, forms the basis for the process of self-knowledge. Thus, the individual reveals what his personal inventory and potential are.

The process of self-development progresses in parallel with the beginning of self-recognition as the person gets older over time. In order for this process to continue in a positive way, the person needs to be aware of himself, to be aware of himself and to perceive himself as a real being.

Being in a relationship with oneself, interacting with one's feelings and thoughts, and having an awareness of emotional and intellectual processes as a result of this interaction constitutes another dimension of self-knowledge. A person must first know himself in order to use his current potential. In order to do this, the person must ask himself questions and find the answers to them. This is a process that requires continuity. Because a person who knows himself has reached the reality of his feelings and thoughts. It is not possible for this situation to occur in a person who does not know himself. In addition, being aware of the events and human relations in the outside world and understanding them also requires the person to know himself/herself. As a result of the individual getting to know himself as a whole, his relationship with his social environment and the process of adaptation to business life are also positively affected.

Set Goal:

After determining where you are, it is necessary to determine where you will go. The content of the concept of personal development also includes determining the methods of how people can move towards the goals they set, how they can be successful and how they can achieve the things they desire. In order for these to happen more easily and effectively, the personal development process should be handled from the moment individuals open their eyes to the world. In that case, a person should determine the goals he wants to reach, find out the methods to reach them and apply them. If the targets are not reached, the targets should be updated, and if they are achieved, new targets should be determined.

Know the Environment:

The person always feels the need to improve himself throughout his life. The process of self-development is not limited to acquiring information about himself and getting to know himself. However, it is also defined as a situation that does not occur on its own and occurs during its interaction with the environment. This need is one of the main reasons that lead people to develop themselves. The individual, who is basically a social being, strengthens his individual characteristics by giving importance to the development related to his mental, physical, emotional and social capacity, on the other hand, he also strengthens the environmental side by reaching the existing knowledge in his environment and applying them. It is understood that it is a process and therefore it constitutes a multifaceted and complex concept.

Learn and apply:

Every individual has to reveal more of his current potential and make the necessary effort to improve himself. For this, he should identify his deficiencies and obtain new information and eliminate these deficiencies. In order to keep up with the changing society, individuals, especially at a young age, need to acquire many skills. In order for this change process to be called development, the said change must take place in a positive way. The most important step to gain these skills is to learn new things. While the person increases in his current level by improving in one way, on the other hand, he should apply the behaviours he learned in this process. Because the learned knowledge and the acquired behaviour complement each other. Developing different perspectives by associating the information he has obtained either willingly or as a result of coincidences with the existing ones, constitutes another dimension that contributes to his personal development.

Keep your motivation high:

Since personal development is a process, it is a long-term job. Just as a vehicle going on a long road will need fuel, people also need to get fuel on this long journey. In order to keep the motivation high on this subject, one should follow personal development articles, personal development articles, personal development books and personal development videos.

Why is Personal Development Important?

As seen above, personal development is a process that requires effort. However, even if no effort is made, the structure of human beings is already a mechanism designed to adapt to development. From the moment you are born, the person learns to speak, learns to walk, and learns to express their feelings with facial expressions, even if they do not want to. In short, he always continues to learn. Personal development is applied to accelerate this learning more systematically and accurately.

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