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Success Is Not The Way To Learn How To Strengthen Business

Many businesses have ups and downs. Learning how to survive may vary depending on success, but have you ever thought that it might be a myth of conventional wisdom? You already have glory which gives you full confidence.

Bad news; this is just an illusion of dazzling achievement. The myth of achieving your profoundly authentic labor to the world. The truth is, success is just the temporary action that causes deep relief of thinking that your business already proved itself to the market.

The main purpose of life is not to reach an "x" goal and "stay" there; It is to be in constant motion. Since life forces the individual to be in a continuous flow like water, this situation is not controversial.

The satisfaction of the person who reaches the goal will be short-lived. A constant state of creating new goals; To experience a brief state of satisfaction that will confine the individual to chaotic anxiety by combining with the matrices of success and failure possibilities; it will expose you to long-term suffering.

Except for the movements of conquest, no master has ever needed the concept of "success" throughout history. The main goal in conquest is not to provide psychological relief; it was to gain economic and political supremacy.

On the other hand, another thing of course to establish a genuine relationship with the world and create original works. Success here is not a goal, but a publicly approved result.

The Polgar sisters are proof of the powerful and lasting impact that social influences can have on our behavior. The sisters practiced chess for hours each day, and they continued this considerable effort for decades. But these habits and behaviors retained their appeal partially, because they were valued by their culture.

Absorb your failure to gain real achievement

Failure is a terrible feeling. It's depressing, embarrassing, and can ruin your self-esteem. However, failure can be one of the most valuable teaching tools if you want to learn some difficult lessons.

Having the courage to fail can bring huge gains in your life and career. While you are not afraid of failure, you are more likely to take risks in your career. Being willing to take risks - and even fail throughout your life - can strengthen your reputation, help you come up with innovation, original ideas, and open up new opportunities.

Fear of failure can keep you from success. It can prevent you from introducing an idea to your boss that could lead to a major promotion. It can prevent you from being yourself in a job interview, writing the book you've always dreamed of, or starting a new business that could change your life.

Real Success Story

In 1995, the short marriage of a young English woman had just come to an end. She was now an unemployed single parent, and as she put it in her Harvard graduation speech, "She was as poor as possible without being homeless in modern Britain." Every fear she had of herself was now understood; It was the biggest failure she knew.

Many people would give up in similar circumstances. Nobody wants to hit rock bottom.

So, with nothing to lose, she began working on a little story about a boy born with magical powers, a child she had dreamed of years ago.

When she finished the book, she sent it to dozens of people, publishers, and received more than a dozen rejection replies. Nobody wanted to publish a fantasy book for children. Despite these setbacks, she continued to send her book to publishers, hoping to earn at least enough to put food on the table. She just refused to give up.

I probably don't need to tell you what happened next: JK Rowling's "Harry Potter" novels became one of the best-selling books of all time, and she is now one of the richest women in the world. However, Rowling's success story came only after numerous failures, each of which tested her courage and persistence.

Imagine what would happen if she gave up and was convinced that the idea of the book sucked and threw away the book she had written with her hands after her first rejection - or the second or the tenth. Hundreds of millions of children would miss the pleasure of reading "Harry Potter", and Rowling's daughter would probably have grown up in poverty.

You may not strive to be one of the richest people in the world, but stop and think about the opportunities you might have missed because you gave up after a one or two - or 12 - setbacks. We can all make a list of the times we gave up and realize that while focusing on the past is not fruitful, we can change our behavior and learn how to be persistent when things get hard.

The importance of failure

Failure is an uncomfortable experience. Most of us are taught from a young age that failure is bad, and we begin to fear any wrong steps or ideas that could get us in the way of failure. Over time, we may find it easier to play it safe. We do not take big risks or go after crazy ideas because we are afraid of failure and do not want to be seen as "incomplete" by others.

But playing it safe all the time often leads us to an ordinary life. Instead of doing something we really love, we get stuck in a job we hate. We ignore our abilities and instead go after our hobbies or interests that are not too demanding, never reaching our full potential. In short, we live a more still life compared to the life we can live, if only we were not too afraid of failure.

Business expert and author John C. Maxwell believes that the difference between average people and high achievers lies in how they view and react to failures and setbacks. Successful people see failure as a chance to learn and try again to use their new skills or knowledge, whereas average people associate failure with defeat. They believe this defeat reflects their shortcomings in character or abilities. They failed so they believe they failed.

You cannot succeed at anything without failing first. You should understand that failure is an important component of the learning cycle. Failure is precious because it hurts. It forces you to choose one of two ways: you can choose to give up and do something else less challenging, or choose to learn from the pain of your failure and reuse what you've learned to ensure future success.

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