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Squad Goals In Teamwork

The most important issue that has an impact on being successful in business life is harmony and happiness. Especially in multi-employed organizations, it is not possible to act according to everyone's wishes. Therefore, each business line is divided into departments according to its field.

The departments also form teams by determining leaders, with the idea that all personnel in their units can serve by meeting at the same point with team spirit awareness in teamwork. Leaders, their team's work plans, creates a common language that the personnel can use by compiling it from both professional rules and personal experiences.

Standards and Rules in Business Life

The common language, which is one of the fundamentals of service quality, plays an active role in the trust of the service recipient group.

So how is it created?

For example, when we consider a GSM operator company, we can see that team spirit and collaborative working style are applied in a very professional way in teamwork. Even in the advertisements of these companies on various job search websites, it is possible to encounter the word team a lot. Many departments work in teams and provide service at certain standards.

Although the standards are aimed at the service recipient group, the company management consists of both the strategy of winning customers in the competitive market and the rules that it regulates and approves within the framework of ethical principles that support team spirit in teamwork.

Some of the rules applied by a company that provides service through the Call Center channel with teamwork are discussed as follows:

◦ Speaking rules

◦ Wording

◦ Voice tone

◦ "if any" Campaign notification

◦ Sales techniques

◦ Opening and closing sentences

◦ “when necessary (violations by the customer)” Warning notice

◦ Comply with team rules

In order to realize all these, team spirit awareness is needed in teamwork. Teamwork is carried out with personnel who are prepared for the working environment by going through training accompanied by a leader.

Having Team Spirit

Besides the rules; In order to have team spirit in teamwork, it is very important to provide psychological harmony and to show positive participation in mental and physical sense. Team leaders must have an egalitarian approach.

Motivation is a psychological concept that takes its meaning from intrinsic motivation. In workplaces where the number of personnel is high; The fact that the teams consist of willing and encouraging people affects motivation positively. The cornerstone of team spirit in teamwork is the concept of "we", there is no place for other singular and plural persons.

Mentally and physically, it is necessary to adopt the work done with the number of people working together. Every positive or negative result is considered as a product of team spirit in teamwork. In order to carry the team spirit in teamwork, it is necessary to have an attitude that is far from the concept of sharing and ego. Even if the idea belongs to a single person, it comes into effect with the joint work of the whole team, in this case, the idea owner must maintain the "we" perception.

A mentality such as "I am not looking at this job, I am working alone, this is my project, this is my idea..." cannot carry team spirit in teamwork, cannot be successful and reduces the motivation of the team.

Establishing a strong communication environment by organizing meetings where everyone will use their right to speak takes the team spirit forward.

Team spirit is a combination of collaborative work. If even a link in this chain, which extends from the management to the leader, from the leader to the team workers, is broken, the team spirit disappears in teamwork.

While people who have team spirit and can be involved in the business process can write a success story, they have difficulty in finding a job.

In today's world, where doing your job with love plays a big role in increasing the quality of life, if care is taken to make the right choices, trial times in the professional business world will be short and team lives will be long.

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