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Small Business Ideas To Keep Up With Trends

It is difficult to predict what will happen in the future due to the current state of the world economy, but it is also essential that you can foretell what will happen henceforward in order to start a new business, or acquire a new skill.

Most successful entrepreneurs do not join the herd and anticipate the needs of the market according to the competitive environment. Of course, every prediction has its margin of error to a greater or lesser extent, but the reward will be great depending on the size of the risk taken. Things like cars, mobile phones, and the internet were also initially viewed with suspicion. Ultimately, however, the social, individual and economic impacts of these innovations were enormous.

Automobiles and motor vehicles have served the growth of small companies. The Internet has caused the explosion of online business. Both innovations yielded results in favor of small companies. So, what innovations await small companies subsequently?

Energy and technology fields seem to continue to grow. Likewise, the nanotechnology and entertainment sector will keep growing in order to meet the needs of the increasing population.

Today, great changes drive out to occur thanks to globalization and digital technologies. So which business lines can we expect to grow and become popular in the future?

1- Is the Rise of E-Commerce Artificial?

No it is not. E-commerce is now the new normal for us all consumers. In fact, with the concept of D2C (Direct to Consumer), the number of vertical e-commerce in our lives will increase considerably. In addition to large e-commerce sites, many manufacturers also want to bring their products directly to the end user. In other words, after B2B and B2C, you will witness the rise of the D2C concept thanks to Covid-19.

2- Online Health Counseling and Home Fitness

One of the most rising topics about post-Corona business ideas is the ability to do business online. If there was an offer to design an advertisement for the sale of useless and unused products, the object we would probably use in the advertising campaign would be the treadmill. Treadmills, which are used as clothes hangers in their homes, attracted a lot of attention. We have observed that there has been a significant increase in the download rates of home fitness training and applications developed on this matter.

In addition, many hospitals and clinics tried to manage all counseling processes of their patients in online environments, except emergencies. We think that video health services can be widely used in the health sector hereafter.

3- We All Became Cooks With Recipes

We all probably agree that Instagram has turned into a huge oven in this process. There is no one left who does not make bread, who does not try cakes or cookies. In fact, experiencing that we can close our homes and solve many of our personal needs within ourselves will create radical changes in our consumption habits in the coming years. Returning to our topic, we can say that the number of subscriptions on websites about recipes and Youtube channels has increased significantly in terms of business ideas after Corona. We will witness the rise of brands or individual entrepreneurs that can adapt to this.

4- Marketplaces for Workers from Home

Words like working from home or working freelance have become one of the most searched words in the last few months. Entrepreneurs will not be idle again, and the number of initiatives that bring freelancers and brands together will increase. Lifestyles such as the digital nomad will also be on the rise in the coming period. Brands will need marketplaces where they want to find such people for their projects.

5- Organic Agriculture and Livestock for Post-Corona Business Ideas

Natural nutrition and quality food production, which was on the rise before the Coronavirus, became much more valuable, especially during the pandemic. While many experts mention that the immune system should be strong, they insist that the most important way to do this is through natural and organic nutrition. In the upcoming period, we may witness many initiatives to include organic agricultural and livestock products in our daily lives.

6- Professional Advertising Agencies in Digital Marketing

In this process, we once again realized that we have a valuable profession, especially as an advertising agency (Phantom Marketing Consultancy). It is time for advertisers, designers and software developers, who are among the first learners of the digitized world, to grow their companies with entrepreneurial awareness. Thousands of brands will need a professional advertising agency, and the changing consumer behavior after it.

7- Online Education Rising as Business Ideas After Corona

Probably one of the most talked about business ideas after Corona is online education. Be ready to hear more about concepts such as online MBA, online course, online workshop and online tutoring.

8- Social Media Becoming Mainstream

Among post-corona business ideas, we can say that any idea that is not included in social media will not survive. Nowadays, the number of people entering the "trend topics" section of Twitter to follow the agenda has increased astronomically. While we used to turn on the television or radio to learn the trending topics, today we use social media. Digital agencies that provide consultancy for brands, provide account management and produce effective advertising strategies can profit subsequent digital transformation.

To summarize, you will notice that many trends that await us in the future and that are spoken at conferences enter our lives rapidly. The future has come and yes it has come a little too fast. Our commitment to digital has increased significantly. Now, we are not far from the introduction of concepts such as social media holidays or computer-based virtual holidays into our lives. It is also a matter of curiosity how entrepreneurs will bring concepts such as a return to the past, slow life, organic world etc.

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