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Prepare Your Leadership For Digital Transformation

Both commercial channels, creative teams, and brand professionals strive to be different in a competitive environment, to find the methods to reach the right target audience in the shortest and cheapest way to make the most of the opportunities provided by the digital world, and to ensure integrated marketing communication to be made stronger with the digital evolution.

Regardless of the industry and management area in which a leader operates, it is unlikely that it will succeed without understanding algorithms, artificial intelligence applications, big data, blockchain, technologies such as IoT and 5G. Yes, from today to tomorrow maybe change is not destructive; However, I have no doubt that this effect will be much more traumatic in 3 - 5 - 10 years periods. On the other hand, if a leader does not acquire these abilities, he/she will not be able to answer the second question properly.

A leader, to choose between working with innovative technologies must think how to decide? The fine line between losing teams and repositioning will get harder than ever. I believe that digital leaders who know technologies, data and workers, should evaluate labor sources with pros and cons, can make more prudent and healthy decisions.

The most important change I have observed is that innovative technologies offer more information and choice to digital workers. Digital workers, who have contemporary and ethical values, have the opportunity to produce meticulous, original and aesthetic results like an artist by using new tools. If leaders and laborers cannot act as a team within this framework; It should not go without saying that bad news is inevitable for the future of individuals, companies and ultimately the world.

With effective digital leadership, an organization can create workflows and business processes that allow rapid implementation of new applications, products and services.

For instance, companies can use Google Drive to create and access specific documents containing specific information. In addition, remote workers can collaborate and share documents through this platform.

Thus, visionary digital leaders should follow the new technologies and applications that come with digitalization closely and act courageously on opportunities. Seeing the big picture and generating great ideas should be one of their important missions.

1. Vision

Digital leaders should follow the new technologies that come with digitalization closely and act boldly on opportunities. Seeing the big picture and generating big ideas should be one of their important missions. They must believe in the effectiveness of change and think that they can be the expression of change.

2. The Right Strategy

Digital leaders must be able to unite the organization in a successful transformation goal. In the process of change, a clear and coherent strategy that takes into account the cultural transformation of the structure, and the willingness to make the changes necessary to realize the vision in this strategy are expected features of the digital leader.

3. Business Model Management

The most fundamental function of a company that clarifies what kind of value it will create and how it will generate results from this value is business model management. With digital transformation, institutions that can determine the most appropriate business model to achieve their desired goal are the ones that will exist in the future. However, it is not enough to adopt the right business model and fulfill the requirements of this model. Because transformation is not a one-time activity but an ongoing process. Therefore, instead of starting every new transformation initiative from scratch, it will be important for companies to have leaders who will benefit from the experiences of previous transformations and who can revise their business model.

4. Agility

The key to innovation for leaders is to keep abreast of developments in the digital field and to ensure that the workforce is quickly embedded in culture to experiment with new platforms and technologies that value innovation.

5. Risk Taking

It is not possible to make innovation real without risk. If you can't take risks, you may not be a digital leader.

According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg; "The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that's changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks."

6. Adaptation

The adaptability of the digital leader shows that he/she can make the healthiest decisions with minimal negative impact for his/her company.

A report by Right Management highlights the growing importance of adaptation in business, as 91% of HR decision makers believe people will be hired based on their ability to cope with change.

Forbes states that it is not possible for a leader who does not want to be proactive in the digital environment and who is strict.

7. Data-Driven Business

Digital transformation requires organizations to look at data in a completely different way so they can identify new ways to make money and reinvent business models to create new revenue streams.

This requires leaders to invest and implement in the "new" data platforms of the future. In addition, having the ability to evaluate customer data on how to use customer-related data to provide a customer experience and a personalized experience will make a difference.

8. Innovativeness and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are no longer just those who start a new business. Those who bring new approaches to their companies are also in-house entrepreneurs. While the concepts of Corporate Innovation Programs and in-house entrepreneurs were first discussed as the agenda of HR departments, today they are addressed under the sponsorship of top management as part of digital strategies.

9. To inspire

A leader who can inspire his/her team creates new ideas. The leader needs to encourage his/her team that resists or reacts to change, to realize and encourage them to realize their potential.

Being able to inspire digital leaders to believe in the vision of their team and company as they try to create something new is considered crucial for digital transformation to occur.

As it can be understood, the approach of employees in the organization is as important as technology. Companies with digital leaders with strong communication skills will be able to innovate and carry themselves into the next years. So let's ask ourselves.

Can we be in these structures? How many digital leadership qualities do we have, and if we are not, how can we quickly get on the road? Do we take advantage of the opportunities that come our way to improve ourselves? A true phrase to remember is "We will build our dreams up into the future."

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