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Marketing Basics And Their Importance To The Companies

Different marketing methods have different goals that ultimately lead to increasing any company's revenues through spreading and raising awareness among the target audience for the company's products, whether they are services or products and goods.

Many channels of communication are used to strengthen the relationship between companies and the public. As there are many marketing methods, we cannot rely on anyone marketing method and the best evidence of this is many successful companies failed completely, so keeping up and diversifying in marketing methods is imperative.

The marketing communication mix has five main axes, which are advertising, direct selling, public relations, direct marketing and sales offers.

Advertising is one of the marketing tools whose main goal is to reach the largest possible segment of the audience, whether through television ads, radio, print and electronic advertising on the Internet. The advantage of this type of advertising is that it has no geographical boundaries, nothing limits it and can reach the farthest reaches of the earth while reducing costs to the simplest amount if you divide the paid amounts by the number of views. Even in cases of road advertising that are considered expensive, the reach that they offer, even if it is not targeted, is expansive.

Personal selling, or direct personal marketing, we are required to do this type of marketing to provide an adequate experience as it would raise the level of credibility of the brand or reduce it according to the context of the conversation. So during the discussion session with the customer, whether in person or through a phone call, expect the course of the conversation and try to predict everything that may arise, and certainly to be present with your appropriate answer. This type of marketing is considered high cost by virtue of its consumption of effort and time, but at the same time, its results are feasible as it would strengthen the relationship between the company and customers.

The important reason for this is that the company will be able to understand the customer's needs, which may not be identifiable otherwise to the company, so this direct relationship motivates them to do the so-called service on demand. Direct selling is therefore very useful in formulating the future of a company's services; to be proactive in the competitive market and in the future.

Public relations is one of the most important marketing and communication methods. Regardless of the size of the company, it may be a start-up company or a giant MNC, all incorporate different public relations campaigns to attain their goals. We can interpret it as a whole as the basis for appearing positively in the public, regardless of who we target.

In a little detail, we can say that it is conveying the positive news about the company, like what is going on in its corridors, or motivating employees and about the refinement of dealing and internal promotions. This type of campaign pushes investors to be a part of the company thus increasing its size and share value.

Conducting a charitable donation campaign, announcing a merger, submitting annual financial reports, reporting an increase in sales, meetings with decision-makers in it, and many other methods all come under PR campaigns.

Direct marketing has a long-term benefit to the company for achieving its sales and other main objectives. The main direct marketing objective is also to help customers to complete their purchase through full transparency and full explanation of the actual value of products and services or at least keeping them aware of the extent of their need for what you can offer them without direct selling. Doing it without caution may lead to alienation, as happens in the case of sending a lot of e-mail, so the public will see it as a kind of intrusive tactic and bombardment of marketing message, customers next move will be to block the company's messages in order to not to receive more emails from this company.

Who among us does not like coupons, discounts, or free pieces added when we buy a product. It is simply a traditional method, but it is successful in most cases, and even with high-end companies that make some concessions to sell as many products as possible.

Anything free that you offer to your customers during the selling process would accelerate it and motivate the customer to make the purchase in the first place therefore it is also considered one of the marketing methods.

As a conclusion to the marketing methods that were mentioned, Mohab Ayoub says:

"During my own experience in marketing for a group of companies, we note that the methods, even if they are one in principle, but how to adapt each of these methods requires an understanding of the market at the beginning, as it is the basis and thus you can do marketing for your product or your services because you are now fully aware of what is your company's level in this market and therefore you have a clear way to reach your goals."

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