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How To Recover Employee Loyalty

The happiness and loyalty of the employees undoubtedly greatly affect the success of a company. Employees with low commitment experience a decrease in productivity due to loss of motivation. Therefore, one of the most important responsibilities of managers is to increase loyalty by providing employee motivation. So what can be done to increase employee loyalty? Here are some tips to make your job easier.

Start by adopting the business

Embracing the job of the employee will increase the sense of belonging. Thus, motivation activities that will ensure the adoption of the job should be done first.

Make decisions jointly

Employees are included in the decision-making processes in companies with a high employee headcount. In these processes, it is necessary to consult the employees, listen to them and give importance to their ideas. In this way, the employee will feel that he/she is effective and valuable for the workplace.

Set realistic values

You may have stated your values with assertive words on your website. However, employees want to see the results of these values and live with this reality. The determined targets should be adopted and implemented especially by the senior management.

Keep feedback continuous

Feedback allows employees to improve themselves. At the same time, open communication is established in companies with a feedback culture. Employees prefer to work in workplaces where they can express their thoughts clearly and are shown the path of development.

Draw a career path

Everyone wants to reach a higher position in working life. Enable your employees to advance in their careers and draw promotion maps.

Be neutral

Employees want to express themselves in a transparent and impartial environment. Because they feel safer in this environment. Hence, all employees should be treated fairly and you should gain their trust.

Bonus and rewards

Giving bonuses or rewards to employees who are multi-disciplinary or who add great benefits to the company in any matter is a more great act of action, and it is a practice that increases employee loyalty. Thus, employees do their jobs more willingly and loyal to the company without reducing their performance.

Social aids

Among the awards that can be given to motivate employees are social aids. There are many companies operating in the sector that do not offer the social benefits offered by rival companies. Therefore, these businesses are unable to retain talent. For this very reason, rewarding employees by providing social benefits such as private insurance, free membership opportunities, lodging and car allocation not only satisfies them, but also contributes to companies working with successful names.

Travel and event opportunities

One of the practices that are frequently put into action as a part of the employee reward system is to send employees who have accomplished successful work on vacation, regardless of whether they are in the country or abroad. Thus, employees who have the opportunity to refresh their energy after a busy work schedule, follow their work in a more efficient and motivated way after their vacation. In addition, presenting cinema, theater, opera or concert tickets to successful teams after project presentations is another rewarding method that supports the socialization of employees and increases their satisfaction.

Thank you and greeting cards

While rewarding employees financially is an effective way of motivating them, companies should also attach importance to moral rewards. The thank you letter prepared for the teams after the achievements not only makes them happy, but also greatly increases their self-confidence.

Narrating the achievements with videos is among the things that can be done in this context. In addition, on special days such as birthdays, weddings or working anniversaries, giving plaques and similar awards to the teams showing that they are remembered makes them feel special.

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