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From The Functional To A Learning Organisation

Learning organisation is a process of developing or recreating performance formed on experience which is an organisation that can change over time by utilising the learning of its employees. Organisations that adapt to changing conditions with learning and increase their capacity to find solutions to problems exhibit outstanding productivity.

Today's world where dynamic changes and transformations are extremely rapid, businesses need to constantly improve functional structure to a learning approach, renew business segregations, learn new information and adapt to the current competitive environment with the knowledge they gain. The fast competitive environment undoubtedly forces businesses to be faster than the rate of change.

Learning Organisations

Information or lore is an action that causes a substitute in people's behaviour. The priority of learning organisations is information. A business can learn only if it can change potential behaviour patterns using information processes.

Learning organisations are organisations that aim at self-development, investment in knowledge, learning, and make it a process and a way of life which is a supplement and development of new knowledge, skills. Continuous improvement and development is aimed at products and services. Since they are in a state of continuous development and learning, they are organisations that can create a conversion as well as adapt to changes easily.

They are organisations that obtain information about their corporate goals and objectives, share the information they obtain with the members of the institution, and also learn from the results. They are dynamic structures that are constantly changing and can establish a developing system thanks to the lessons and results they have learned from the events they have experienced. Learning is seen as a routine work in learning organisations, and it is essential to the institution.

Learning Organisations and Peter Senge

Peter Senge is the father of the learning organisation method that led him to write a book about 5 disciplines that are must-have of such structures. As he says that five disciplines make an organisation a learning organisation. These are; systems include thinking, personal mastery, mental models, shared vision, and team learning. Each of these disciplines is important in order to be a learning organisation, and reflect how skills and abilities can be acquired.

Systems thinking adopts a holistic view and visioning the whole instead of seeing the individual parts. Personal mastery is the discipline of personal growth and learning. It takes into account that the willingness and capacity to see reality objectively and to learn will not be greater than that of the members in the organisation.

Mental models describe the assumptions and generalisations in people's minds. The behaviours are determined by their perspectives, approaches, perceptions and prejudices towards the events. In other words, it is the discipline that saves from stereotypes and assumptions. Vision, as we all know, is defined as the place that the business wants to reach in the future, the direction of progress and the future pictures and dreams.

The institution will be able to achieve success if every employee has a common understanding and passion towards mutual goals. In the shared vision discipline, learning is adopted thanks to the perception that is truly shared, adopted and united by all.

Employee motivation will also increase by virtue of their commitment to a common vision and goals. In the discipline of learning as a team, teams are at the forefront rather than individuals in today's modern organisations. Assumptions and prejudices must be set aside.

Unless teams learn, organisations cannot be expected to learn.

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