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Extend Your Imagination For A Technological Innovation

Imagination is everything. Just 3 words, but it sums it all up. The life you will live, and perhaps the life you live, is nothing but the life you dream of. A child wants to be like their idol by using their imagination. In fact, the similarity in pronunciation of the word "Life" and the word "Dream" shows how closely they are related.

Although following a new idea that is new and unpopular in the business world brings success, this is a situation that takes some time and requires breaking resistance. Yes, the guarantee of a successful business life is creative innovation and growth. But, especially in an organization with a deep-rooted tradition, employees from head to toe tend to react negatively to innovations. Advocating a new idea is risky; it is to do business alone. But if you think an idea is right, or if you believe from your research that this new idea has reliable profitability and high returns at low cost, then you should keep fighting. You should not give up on this idea, even if you have little nasty ones or enemies.

It is generally disliked in organizations to object or contradict management. However, if you can show your idea's contribution to the customer flow, your idea can be accepted quickly. Historically, people want to be involved and make room for every good idea. Even if your good idea can get you fired, ideas matter more than just a job. If you have the right idea, you are an independent person. It doesn't matter where you are as long as you have an opinion.


Walt Disney would ask his recruits to count 10 names—for example—who were fired for their idea. If you could explain that you agreed with the names listed, you would be hired immediately.

The world we live in is a world of realized thoughts that seem impossible, but possible. For example, how many new ideas did you come up with for your own business in the last year? Every business is built on innovation, imagination and hope, and returns are expected in a short time. Now ask yourself:

◦ What job am I in?

◦ What do I want to achieve? What are my goals and objectives?

◦ How can I help people feel good?

While looking for answers to these questions, read articles in books, magazines or the internet related to your field of work. Have a library full of books at work.


Novelist Somerset Maugham studied the books of the authors he admired, page by line, line by line, to examine how they wrote, the sentence structure, and the words they used. Finally, he sat down and wrote his own stories and novels. But watch out. He did not imitate their style. He was inspired and created his own style.

Another example is Frank Sinatra. Sinatra learned most from Tommy Dorsey. All other singers have likewise benefited from the generation that came before them. If he thinks that no one can do his art, job, profession, he is completely mistaken. Human products such as art and science have developed and grown over the centuries and will continue to grow.

Henry James once wrote: “Live all you can; it's a mistake not to. It doesn't so much matter what you do in particular so long as you have your life. If you haven't had that, what have you had?”

You keep generating new ideas. “Water flows and finds its way”, our ancestors said. An innovative thought that is rejected today will be #1 on the list of the most produced ideas tomorrow, and you will be surprised. It is of course possible to enter a palace with its 99 gates closed, through the 100th open gate. As long as; Do not give up on producing new ideas and innovation.

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