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Effective Time Management Guide For Business Life

Accurate time management is an important factor of enhancing the success of corporate structures as well as individuals. Improper time management can cause efficiency and performance losses in workflow. So, how can the irreparable time be used in the best way in businesses?

In this article, we explain the importance of time management and what needs to be done for managing time effectively.

The survival of businesses in an intensely competitive environment requires efficient use of resources. Effective management of time, which is described as "the most unique resource", which removes obstacles to effective use of period, is a forceful tool to increase productivity and performance.

What is time management?

Not using time properly can result in stress, which is a trigger for many physical or psychological disorders. Whereupon, it is necessary to make the best use of every hour, even every second of time.

Time management refers to this evaluation process. We can define time management as organizing how to allocate time among certain activities. In other words, time management means acting in line with the determined schedule by planning to do more work in less time.

What should be done for effective time management in businesses?

There are many reasons that reinforce employees to manage time unproper. These are; not being able to say no, lack of table arrangement, wrong time estimates, lack of delegation of authority, inability to make decisions, and incompetence to master speed reading techniques which prevent effective time management.

Inaccurate time management can mean missed appointments, high stress levels, poor job quality and low professional reputation. In the globalizing world, the importance of time management in businesses is increasing in a fierce competition environment.

Considering that work is an honorable job and that no work will be superfluous, whilst the cost will be high due to being aware that time cannot be stored or recycled, so it is important to do it willingly.

In order to allocate the right time to the right event, these steps need to be followed:

◦ Setting measurable, attainable, result-oriented goals

◦ Determine which job is more important or urgent, and if possible delegate unimportant tasks to subordinates and prioritize urgent tasks

◦ Being able to do the work at the specified time by setting a time limit

◦ Clearing the mind to be re-motivated with a short break

◦ At the end of the workday, think about what needs to be done the next day and take notes.

Time management in businesses also means strengthening professional reputation. Generally, the following warnings are given to the employees for the effective management of time: Determine the goal and organize a to-do list, plan the workday efficiently, do not procrastinate, control interruptions, set priorities, manage meetings correctly and delegate authority.

Making a work plan according to biological time in time management can also be effective on productivity. The biological clock system is as follows:

06.45 - The rise in blood pressure begins

07.30 - Melatonin secretion ends

10.00 - Attention reaches its highest level

14.30 - Coordination ability reaches its highest level

17.00 - Muscle strength reaches its highest level

18.30 - Blood pressure reaches its highest level

19.00 - Body temperature reaches its highest level

21.00 - Melatonin begins to be secreted

Making the right decisions about how we can use our time is more important than doing any work around efficiently. Successful people do not have more time than us, they are the ones who use time effectively.

Like all other resources, time is a usable property and can be exploited. It is a contradiction of the concept of time that those who know how to spend it little by little knowing that they have enough, are rarer than those who are concerned with using all of it.

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