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Creating And Managing A Sense Of Belonging For Customers

A sense of belonging is an emotional state that is built into humans and animals. From the beginning of their lives, living things continue their existence with impulses. Belonging is the outward reflection of the instinct of living things to be united and to live together in order to continue their lives and to live better in their living conditions. People live in interaction with the characteristics, habits and beliefs that they feel belong to where they are. Every living thing wants to feel happy. The most important factor that will ensure this is that living things are where they belong. Man is a social being, so it is very difficult to live alone.

The fact that people who do not meet each other but adopt similar feelings and thoughts exhibit similar attitudes define the sense of belonging. This feeling feeds the feeling of being “us” that brings people closer to each other and increases the sharing. People who feel belonging form society. All people have a subconscious sense of belonging.

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest advantages of e-commerce is to be able to easily reach customers in every corner of the world. You can promote and sell your products to millions of consumers through your e-commerce site, but it is important for your customers to be permanent, both for the efficiency of your e-commerce business and for keeping your turnover stable.

Moreover, instead of the resources to be spent on reaching new customers, the strategies you can apply to resale to customers who have already purchased from you at least once will be less costly for you.

Here are the tips we have compiled for you regarding customer loyalty, which you must also consider in order to achieve long-term success in e-commerce.

1- Remind yourself

In the age we live in, customers have become more forgetful. Even if they have shopped from your online store before, it's a good idea to remind yourself to come back. If you're on a budget, you might want to consider being featured in periodicals or billboards. In digital advertisements, CPM-based advertisements and remarketing can provide highly effective results to remind your customers of yourself.

2- Make your customers feel special

It can be a very good idea to celebrate special days such as birthdays, weddings, anniversary, holidays with a small email to show your existing customers that you care about them. The customer you make them feel special would be more likely to return to your e-commerce site.

3- Give priority

The priority you will provide to your existing customers can increase their satisfaction. Giving priority to your existing customers in campaigns and promotions can increase their sense of trust in your site. Your customers with this feeling will not only return to your site, but will also encourage them to recommend you to their close circles.

4- Create a sense of belonging

It is a natural and basic need for human beings to feel part of something. For this, special studies, events, meetings or gifts for your customers who have made a purchase can be very effective.

5- Include customers' experiences

In order to ensure that your existing customers do not lose touch with your e-commerce site, you can ask their stories about the products they have purchased. These stories, which you will share on your e-commerce site with their permission, will both please the customers and be enjoyable content for potential customers.

6- Move your customers to your Facebook and blog pages

In addition to including the customers' own experiences on the product pages, you can place the photos they took with the product on your social media accounts or blog, with their permission, and thus increase their satisfaction and customer loyalty.

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