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Businessperson Competencies

Understanding of business concepts will lead professionals to elevate their career for new progress into any industry, which also helps to gain confidence in workplaces and bring new opportunities of essentiality. However, each business person needs to have a whole new competence to add value into the foundation they want to establish or increase market share of the enterprise they have already founded.

Here you will find some key tools and qualifications that are must-have of entrepreneurs, first-time business creators and individuals who pursue their profession to take it to the next level.


The point that brings the businessman out of depression is the motivation to start over. His lost job may become the center of attention and he may be willing to overcome any obstacles that stand in his way.

Being determined is not a moment but a process and consists of stages. Believing in oneself, being persistent in reaching the goal, and working patiently. Acting with the understanding that there is always a remedy to solve each barrier while working is the last and powerful step that leads the way to success.

Avoiding to be prodigal

Making money is a difficult and troublesome action for everyone, whether it is an entrepreneur or a business owner.

Non-prodigals plan how they will spend their money and limit their expenses. They generally avoid luxury consumption and choose a simple living. Mark Zuckerberg adopts a comfortable life. We see him with a grey t-shirt for decades. Tim Cook chooses a modest lifestyle as it reminds him of his origins.

They always try

Entrepreneurs are afraid to touch the system that has been implemented after they are successful, and they take up a traditional structure seriously and this approach may harm the business in the process. Life, which exhibits a constantly dynamic structure, will not allow any moment of life, including businesses, to remain static, either develop or destroy it.

Entrepreneurs who are aware of the dynamism of life show approaches from time to time and dare to offer a new service or product or apply a new method.

Going against the grain

Successful businessmen are often the ones who focus on unorthodox desires who are not content with their position. They can focus on an unusual new idea, such as imagining a vehicle on wheels while using horse-drawn carriages, and are willing to try the untried.

Productivity understandable by everyone

They aim to make the product or service offered to the society easy to use by people from all walks of life. Products that require certain skills and intelligence, which are difficult subsequently, are produced only for use in certain professions that require expertise. They care about the details of intelligibility and usability in the products offered to the general consumer.

Care about consumer values

They produce products by researching consumer expectations and measuring consumer reactions. They track feedback after product use.

They are open to change

With today's discourse, they are open to innovation activities. Producing new versions of a product, developing and promoting it in which new functions of new forms are applied.

They take the risk

They can invest in a brand new product, they are open to new ideas, they have the will and energy to put a new project into practice.

Lock on the target

When successful businessmen encounter problems or set a goal to achieve, they do not hesitate to put in every effort to realise it. Searching for solutions, trying new methods and ways are common features of showing perseverance until the goal is achieved.

They are ambitious

Focusing on the target and taking risks are among the characteristics that come with being ambitious. Ambitious people often find it difficult to accept defeat. Therefore they focus on their goals and work hard in order not to be defeated or lose. They can make incredible efforts to remove obstacles.

They evaluate opportunities

They follow the commercial opportunities that may arise in the market conditions and evaluate them in line with the objectives of the company.

They are compatible

If new management or production practices are required in the face of changing market conditions, they can take bold decisions and adopt company policies that are compatible with the conditions. Since the main thing is the survival of the firm, they can leave their traditional lines.

a- Advice to the one who wants to build a company

1- Be different

Differentiation is the first rule of success in business life. A businessman who does not constantly think about this issue cannot be successful. Moreover, it is not enough to make a difference once. However, if the difference you bring is appreciated, the competition will not sit idly by and the industry will start to imitate you. That's why you need to seek and find brand new areas of difference on the basis of continuity.

2- Marketing

Every business is essentially a marketing task. In order to ensure that your target customer group recognizes your product, brand and chooses you, you must communicate on a continuous basis through social and face-to-face.

Do you put a brochure in the mailbox of the houses, do you advertise in the newspaper, promote through Facebook, attend fairs, do demo shows, make news in the press because you are so different, do you make planned customer visits, or do you do all of these at once? Whatever you do, treat marketing as one of two most important aspects of your business: Differentiation and its communication.

3- Continuous self-development

The world has changed a lot, is changing very fast, and will change a lot more. In the face of this drastic change, you have only one weapon: acquiring new knowledge and new skills.

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