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Be The Change You Want To Inspire

Is there a person you want to be?

So he/she's different from you today.

The better version of you and the life you lead.

I have!

Creating motivation in business and investments that make your family prosperous with your hedge, and continue to produce and earn money while living almost there at the moment, spending more time for your loved ones, yourself and your pleasures, making people more meaningful, beautiful, prosperous, healthy, enjoyable, processing business continuity in a way of innovation and creativity by including leadership skills that I want to become someone who strongly helps you to catch a life worth living.

Maybe I'm in the lucky few. At least the "new me" in my mind is pretty clear.

I observe that most people are not that sure. There are many people around me who complain about their current situation but do not know what kind of future they want.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

But being clear about my new version does not alleviate the difficulty of transformation.

So changing oneself is perhaps the biggest struggle one can undertake.

Because in order to become the person I want and achieve the things I desire, I have to pay attention to every thought, every decision, every emotion, every word I say and take the right steps every time.

There is not a single trivial detail, because each of them is actually a vote.

Every thought, decision, emotion and word I say is a vote that determines my “real choice” between the person I want to be and the person I am today.

The most important thing that life has taught me in all these years is that I cannot succeed in any change that I cannot convince my brain.

No change is possible unless you say "yes". So how can I convince my stubborn subconscious that I will change.

1- Work on your mindset

By working on your mindset you begin to understand yourself and with this understanding, you become more compassionate and patient toward yourself.

Our society and culture flourish with the busyness that life brings not only to our lives, but even to our dining table. However, there are some consequences of using "band-aid" solutions and quick remedies to overcome certain obstacles in our lives. These solutions never take long, and the main thing is to spend time and effort to slow down, ground ourselves and re-focus.

Changing your thinking is not only about becoming more optimistic, but also giving your mind the breathing space it needs to grow and expand. It's about looking at everything that doesn't work for you and being open to other avenues that might happen.

2- Change your thoughts by creating positive affirmations

Affirmations are not always positive which they can also be negative.

The truth is that most people are given negative affirmations. When you think over and over that you won't be successful on a particular project, it's a negative statement which positive and negative statements affect the neurological functioning of the brain.

Positive affirmations are like mantras have a sacred and spiritual power about themselves. Let's be clear about creating positive affirmations. They should not be normative or weak.

3- Vote Yourself

Another more important method is to vote for the person I want to be in all of my selections, both small or big.

Because this is the easiest way to convince it that I will change.

The easiest way to convince the subconscious that I am walking towards the future I imagine is to constantly make the right choices.

Each right choice turns into a "feedback".

Receiving feedback from frequent and determined choices, the brain aligns itself with the person you want to be. Since this alignment is complete, you don't have to struggle, or even make informed decisions, to take your choices in the right direction.

Fortunately, with innovation and creativity, I have the power to continue my business to achieve great success. Especially as entrepreneur if I started to apply more technics and approaches for business continuity like many people, who knows what more could I do?

But this would not be voting for the person I want to transform in the future. This would be a choice to continue my present life forever. Because it is necessary to continue to successful business with innovation and motivation to bring achievements in reality in order to create ideas, and these make change difficult whilst purposing new imagination in the new world.

4- Appreciate and enjoy what you have

A great way to change your thoughts is to appreciate what you have and enjoy it. This doesn't mean you shouldn't wish for a better life. Enjoy the amount of success you have achieved instead of worrying about the things you haven't achieved. There is always nothing wrong with setting higher criteria or goals, but not achieving them should not spoil the enjoyment of what you have.

If you're constantly voting for you in the future, things are fine with your conversion process. Otherwise, maybe it is healthier for you to make peace with your present state or be the change you want to inspire!

5- Focus on changing yourself instead of changing the world around you

It is impossible to change the world around you. So stop worrying when people don't meet your expectations. The best way is to change yourself or at least adapt to people or situations you don't like.

That will help you to inspire people around you and with time you will turn the world around!

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