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5 Techniques To Drive Innovation In Business

Innovation, which has become obligatory in order to differentiate and sustain growth in today's rapidly changing and competitive environment; We define it as all of the processes followed to bring a new or improved product, service or a different working method to the customer or to benefit the company in terms of efficiency.

While the types of innovation are featured in the literature with different definitions, four models include the breaktrough innovation, sustaining innovation, basic research in the four types of innovation grouping in research and disruptive innovation enable us to evaluate the studies for innovations and categorize the possible solutions they serve.

Unlike disruptive innovation, breaktrough and sustaining innovation, which we often encounter in the literature today, instead of focusing on developing more advanced solutions for existing users in the current market; Regardless of being more advanced than the current solution, it focuses on the basic needs of the customer and defines the innovations that bring the product to the customer base in a simple, easy-to-use and more economical way.

Although the definition of the problem and the competencies at hand change in companies, the most appropriate innovation approach must be selected and implemented in line with the current conditions.

It is obvious that in order to be successful in this process, it is necessary to be different and efficient. Therefore creativity and innovation are indispensable.

Companies that adopt innovative culture and succeed in establishing this structure can easily adapt to their environment and developments. In the information age, where rapid adaptation to change and innovations is now a necessity, companies need "innovation management practices" in order to survive.

Leaders also need “innovation leadership” to operate in unexpected and difficult conditions and to create a climate that supports innovation in their organizations.

Innovative tools and techniques play an important role in innovative thinking companies to be healthy and sustainable;

1- Innovative approach to leadership

We understand this as changing the way you do business by adding new thinking and different actions to your management approach.

How can you think differently about the challenges facing your company, given the role you assume?

How can you solve established, deep-rooted problems? How can you act fast and agile when you don't have enough knowledge or insight?

a- Leadership for innovation

What is at issue here is the need for leaders to create an innovative thinking environment in order to solve problems in their companies and create new products or services.

How can you make your employees think differently in the face of challenges? How can you help them try new ways?

What can be done for innovation in conditions where resources are limited and insufficient?

How can you survive the competition and, most importantly, how can you get ahead?

According to the studies conducted, the share of leaders in the creation of a creative climate in companies can vary between 20 percent and 67 percent.

This means; Leaders' acting to support innovation plays a major role in establishing the innovation culture of organizations. In addition, the environment created in the organization must support innovation.

The issues that companies supporting the innovative structure should pay attention to are as follows:

2- Organizational incentive:

There is a shared innovation vision in the innovative organizational culture; it has a fair and constructive approach towards ideas, rewards and appreciates work based on innovation, and has a mechanism that supports the formation of new ideas.

a- Eliminating organizational barriers:

In work cultures that support innovation, leaders work to remove organizational barriers. Political problems in the organization, harsh criticism of new ideas, and destructive internal competition are eliminated or minimized. Other obstacles, fear of taking risks, fear of failure, overestimation of existing processes are factors that prevent new ideas.

b- Administrative incentive:

Innovative leaders support the value added and the work they create, create an atmosphere of trust and support creative people. When leaders participate in and protect innovation processes, they encourage innovation, it is extremely important that they neutralize the people and systems that negatively affect this culture and use innovative thinking in their own work.

3- Sufficient resources:

For innovation to be a priority, resources must be sufficient. These include funds, materials, facilities and information.

4- Difficulty of the job:

Increasing the difficulty level of the job feeds both innovation and efficiency in important projects. However, the structure in the organization should support the innovative work carried out.

5- Teamwork and cooperation:

Employees in the innovative organization communicate well, are open to each other's ideas, and support each other in joint work. The work environment should be easy to communicate, allow for ideas to be shared, and fun at the same time.

To sum up, it is possible to make positive contributions to the innovation process with a leadership approach that cares about the conceptual framework we deal with.

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